Price Sheet

Prices subject to change. Here is the Furs I accept.


Raccoon low demand for southern however we will invest in your raccoon. We have one of the best coat raccoons in the wild fur market. Prices Bright L-XXXL green 1.25 air dried $2.50


Beaver Castor $30.00 per pound dry could improve latter. Beaver pelts high demand XXXL $18.00 XXL-L $10.00 Dry beaver $10.00 per LB. price may improve later. Prices could improve


Bobcat North Westerns are ranging from $500.00 to $150.00. Westerns are ranging from $80.00 to $60.00 dollar range, Eastern’s heavy and semi heavy range from $65.00 to $45.00-dollar range.


Coyotes low demand Heavy northwestern $20.00, centrals $10, and Southern’s 2.00 for good prime skins.


Grey Fox low demand $ 7.00 air dried $6.00 green


Mink   Wild Mink is a soft market however we will buy if you have those for sale. Dry $3.00 green$2.00


Otter Good demand prices are getting better. Price currently XL $40.00 and L $30.00 with $35.00 Ave.


Opossum low prices little demand


Red Fox low demand $ 5.00.


Nutria Rat good demand prices are improving. Green @ $2.50 each Large and extra-large. Nutria $7.00 Per Lb Air Dried any size pelt as long as they are prime with good under fur. No carcass nutria will be bought on the road.                                                                                                                                                                        Muskrat L & XL Green $2.00 Dry $3.00